With many investors and traders still on edge from the recent spike in volatility, clearly there will be hell to pay for this.

February 14 (King World News)This email with charts came from one of the global KWN readers (Kevin W.):   We are already coming into the golden age out of the abyss of real asset deflation and precious metal repression…

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Here are a few charts to consider:

Interest rates already bottomed and the reversal will devastate indebted Western governments

Stock Market vs Commodities At Unsustainable Levels!

Real Assets At All-Time Lows vs Financial Assets!

Kevin W. concluded:  How this ends is not that hard to see if you look at the situation objectively.

King World News note:  The bottom line is the Western central banks have laid the foundation for the coming global chaos.  There will ultimately be hell to pay for the average citizen as interest rates reverse and the debt payments become unsustainable.  The central banks’ solution will be to print until the fiat money becomes worthless or the global financial system is rebooted.  Until then, remain patient and protect yourself by continuing to accumulate physical gold and silver and the high-quality companies that mine the metals.  

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