Here is a look at the gold and miner pullback, plus up for 13 straight years!

June 15 (King World News) – Fred Hickey:  Years ago, the Federal Reserve Board was comprised of bankers and businessmen. Over time, it was taken over by economists, then by mostly “progressive” Ivy-league economists who care more about social activism than sound money and protecting the value of US$. Therefore, until the makeup of the Fed is changed or their (currently nearly unlimited) powers are severely restricted, we can’t expect anything other than what we’ve been getting: ever more (malevolent) interference in the (once free market) economy and more debt monetization…

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Gold/Miner Pullback: Now Adding Back Positions
Fred Hickey
:  Newsletter readers know I was looking for a gold/miner pullback as they were short-term overbought as June began. Pullback in process but I’ve started adding back to positions(sold at higher prices),with intention of buying more on any Fed meeting weakness. Bullishness is reduced.

Up For 13 Straight Years!
Charlie Bilello:  Nasdaq 100 Total Returns… 

2009: +55%
2010: +20%
2011: +4%
2012: +18%
2013: +37%
2014: +19%
2015: +10%
2016: +7%
2017: +33%
2018: +0.04%
2019: +39%
2020: +49%
2021 YTD: +10%

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