Global central banks are making moves, plus a monetary endgame plan and a look at what just hit the lowest level since 2016.

Fed Chair Powell Moves Markets
September 6 (King World News) – 
Peter Schiff:  “Fed Chair Powell moved markets today by stating that the Fed was neither expecting nor forecasting a recession. So what? The Fed never forecasts recession, even if it secretly expects one. Powell also said trade problems are “contained.” Bernanke said the same about subprime!

Monetary Endgame Plan: Own Hard Assets
Simon Mikhailovich:
  From Blackrock: “How should one position for [the monetary policy] endgame? As is probably evident, any nominal instrument will be devalued in real terms, so the solution is to hold an asset that maintains its real value – an asset that cannot be printed.”

Sven Henrich: 
“We’re forecasting a recession” has said no Fed Chair ever.

Global Central Banks Making Moves
Charlie Bilello: 
“-Russia cuts rates by another 25 bps to 7.00%, signals more easing to come. -Chile cuts rates by 50 bps to 2.00%, a 9-yr low. Global Central Bank update…(see below).

Look At How Many Central Bank Rate Cuts Are Happening Around The World

Lowest Level Since 2016!
Charlie Bilello:
  “30-year mortgage rate in the US moves down to 3.49%, lowest level since Oct 2016. Now only 18 bps higher than its all-time low. (See below).

US 30-Year Mortgage Rates Hit Lowest Level Since 2016

Don’t Expect Miracles
Daniel Lacalle: 
“We cannot expect miracles from the next wave of QEs. If anything, more QE is the evidence of the failure of previous measures.”

“We Are At The Endgame” Plus Gold & Silver Update
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