May 21 (King World News) – On the heels of bitcoin’s violent rally from $4,000 to $8,000, one bitcoin billionaire, Barry Silbert, just launched an ad campaign urging investors to sell gold in favor of bitcoin. The ad campaign is titled “Drop Gold.” One legend in the gold world, Pierre Lassonde, commented on the absurdity of the ad campaign against gold.

But first, this was today’s headline regarding the ad campaign which targeted gold:

Mining legend, Pierre Lassonde, communicated the following to King World News regarding the propaganda campaign against gold:

“In the world of Fake news this won’t even make a ripple. His audience is the 25/35 year old (group) or the millenials. They have no money.”…

Gold is making its way back into the global monetary
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Regarding the ad campaign, hedge fund manager, Bill Fleckenstein, told King World News, “Who cares? It’s a joke. If a million people do something stupid, even if it works for a while, it’s still stupid.

What is particularly interesting about the ad campaign is that very few people in the United States buy physical gold, so why target them? Regardless, the ad campaign targeting buyers of gold will be running for a year. For what it’s worth, no central bank in the world has diversified into bitcoin, but many countries such as Russia, China, and many other Eastern hemisphere nations, have been on a gold buying spree as a way to diversify their reserves. Meaning central banks are not buying what bitcoin billionaire Barry Silbert is selling. I guess we will get a chance to see who is right over time.

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