Below are some remarkable charts featuring gold and silver.

November 3 (King World News) – Incrementum is at it again with their latest gold report. Here are a few key charts. Enjoy!

Gold Bull Market Pausing Before Re-engaging On The Upside

Massive Amount Of Gold Deliveries Taking Place At COMEX

Gold Trading Very Well This Year In Most Global Currencies

Silver Is A Great Value Now Historically vs Gold

Massive Silver Deliveries From COMEX As Well

Silver Far From Its Nominal 1980 High

“Everything Bubble” Still Massively Inflated

Commodities Grotesquely Undervalued

Skyrocketing US Debt And Rising Interest Rates Is A Dangerous Combination

Dow Jones vs Gold Ratio Heading To 1:1 From Current 20:1

End Of 2022 Gold Price Target $2,187
2030 Gold Price Target $4,821

In case you missed it…

American Pacific Mining just completed the acquisition of Constantine Metal Resources, including the colossal, high-grade Palmer Volcanic Massive Sulfide (VMS) project in Alaska. VMS deposits containing zinc, copper, silver and gold tend to occur in clusters with the median size deposit around 5 million tonnes. Palmer is already 14 million tonnes and has 15 VMS showings, 8 of which have never been explored, suggesting immense exploration potential beyond what is already known.

With Palmer comes a world-class operating partner with deep pockets, Dowa Metals & Mining, owner of Japan’s largest zinc smelter. Dowa’s planned budget for Palmer is $18.8 million in 2022 and a whopping $30-39 million in 2023. Palmer could begin production as early as 2026 and in the meantime, American Pacific and Dowa will be aggressively exploring to grow what is already an enormous project. 

An additional estimated $3-5 million 2023 budget is planned for another American Pacific project, the high-grade Madison Copper-Gold project in Montana, paid for by, yet another, world-class operating partner, Rio Tinto. American Pacific Mining, symbol USGD in Canada and USGDF in the US.

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