For those of you who are worried about the recent action in the gold market, take a look at what Fred Hickey had to say…

Fred Hickey Weighs In On Gold
May 15 (King World News) – With many investors wondering what direction the next major move in The gold market will be, here is a note from one of the greats in the business…

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billionaire Eric Sprott discuss his prediction for skyrocketing silver
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Note From One Of The Greats, Fred Hickey

“One very interesting detail in (Friday’s) COT report for gold. Managed Money (mostly hedge funds) longs taken down to 109.5K contracts-lowest since early 2016 when gold bottomed ($1050). At 2016 gold peak over 300K longs, 2017 peak nearly 270K longs. Huge potential buying pressure.”

King World News note:  You can see the gold market coiling for a move higher as trouble continues to spread across the globe.  I bought more physical gold again last week.  For those of you who are on a dollar cost average program, don’t try to get cute and time the market.  Simply purchase physical gold and silver at the same time each month.  If you are buying high-quality mining shares, the same applies.

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