In the aftermath of what has been a wild couple of weeks of trading, today a former associate of George Soros told King World News that the professionals have it completely wrong and that gold and silver are going to skyrocket like the 1970s.

Victor Sperandeo manages over $3 billion, has been in the business 45 years, and has worked with famous individuals such as Leon Cooperman and George Soros.  Below is what Sperandeo had to say.

Victor Sperandeo:  “The base metals are going through the roof.  Why?  Because inventories were so low and demand is picking up.  Inflation is rising all over the world because all of the currencies across the globe have been plunging, except for the U.S. dollar…

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And with regards to a Trump presidency, yes, you will get growth.  But you will also get rising interest rates and rising inflation.  If you look back to the 1970s, that’s why gold went up 31 percent a year from 1971-1980 (see remarkable chart below).


This is what the professionals are missing, Eric.  We are going to have a lot of inflation going forward and that will be extremely bullish for both gold and silver, which will soon catch up to the rest of the industrial metals.  People just need to look at the 1970s in order to understand the roadmap for higher gold and silver prices.


The Days Of Low Inflation Are Over
5-year compounded rates of inflation are now at the lowest levels since 1961.  1.56 percent compounded is the rate of 5-year inflation.  Again, Eric, that is the lowest in 55 years.  The 10-year compounded rate of CPI is 1.87 percent per year.  This is all coming to an end, Eric.  Worldwide central banks have failed.  Their policies have failed.  Now there is going to be spending and debt will increase.  Meaning, the days of low inflation have come to an end.

King World News - 50-Year Veteran Warns A Massive Reset Of The World Financial System Is Coming

Massive Inflation Is Coming – Gold & Silver Will Skyrocket
What we are looking at going forward is massive inflation.  If you remember, Eric, inflation was so out of control in the 1970s that there were times when people would purchase a high-quality used car and it would be worth more money one year later than what they originally paid for it — that’s how bad inflation was.  And during that historic run, gold went up 25.5 times and silver went up 38 times in price.  This is what the professionals are missing, Eric.  The bottom line is that once again gold and silver are going to skyrocket.”

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