Today a former White House official and Plunge Protection Team member warned King World News about a terrifying Cyprus-style global endgame.  Former presidential adviser and member of the U.S. President's Working Group on Financial Markets, Dr. Philippa Malmgren, also discussed how corrupt governments will steal money from their citizens in a coming Armageddon scenario.

Eric King:  “There is this ongoing fear that another derivatives crisis will unfold, similar to the one which led to the 2008 – 2009 collapse.  Things can go sideways in the derivatives market very quickly.”

Dr. Malmgren:  “Absolutely.”

Eric King:  “Is that the ticking time bomb for 2015?”

Dr. Malmgren:  “Let’s look at the facts:  The value of global derivatives contracts now exceeds more than one quadrillion dollars.  People can’t even understand the magnitude of it.  One of the reasons regulators everywhere have been so insistent that banks raise their capital or liquid cash on their balance sheets is to try to be prepared for the next derivatives crisis.  

So the question is:  Is there enough cash and liquid assets on banks’ balance sheets to deal with that kind of a derivative crisis?  The size of the derivatives market is so massive that banks could be overrun if things got out of control….

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Also, people believe that if there were another derivatives crisis, the Fed would simply announce more quantitative easing.  We can talk more about this in a bit.

Stunning Price Moves In Key Markets

The other concern is the magnitude of the price moves we are seeing.  The Greek stock market was down 20 percent in a single week in December — at the beginning of this 'Grexit' discussion.  That’s a huge move in a short period of time.  The price of oil has collapsed more than 50 percent in a matter of months.  The Russian ruble collapsed more than 50 percent.  So the world is seeing massive and very rapid price changes.”

Armageddon Scenario

Eric King:  “Will the next derivatives crisis be too big for governments?”

Dr. Malmgren:  “Yes.  This is the famous ‘Too big to save.’  Alan Greenspan talked about this when I worked in the government.  He basically said, ‘Everybody focuses on the too big too fail, but the real question is:  What happens when you are too big too save?’  This is a very serious issue.  The markets will want to believe that the situation can be saved because if it can’t, then we go into some kind of dreadful Armageddon scenario….Continue reading on page 2 by CLICKING HERE OR BELOW.