As we near the end of 2019 with a world in turmoil and the global economy struggling, here is a fascinating email from a KWN reader regarding the Fed’s covert launch of QE to infinity.

Email From KWN Reader
December 13 (King World News) – Email from from KWN reader Kevin W.:  QE for the people to finance the government debt and buy votes. All I can say is these guys really don’t and won’t let a 20%+ stock market correction occur that would dovetail them into QE infinity. Instead they are going right into covert QE infinity.

Question: what is the difference in your opinion between today and 2013? I didn’t see gold getting hammered in 2013 but it did. IMO from what I have read:

“This new QE is taking place near the end of a credit cycle. Overcapacity is starting to bite and in a relatively steady interest rate environment. Corporate America is already choked with too much debt. As the economy sours, so too will the appetite for more debt. This coming QE, therefore, will go mostly toward government transfer payments to be used for consumption. This is the “QE for the people” for which left- wing economists and politicians have been clamoring. It is “Milton Friedman’s famous ‘helicopter drop’ of money.” The Fed wants inflation and now it’s going to get it, good and hard.”

Gold To Shine
King World News response:
 Kevin, the bottom line is you can’t print your way to prosperity, otherwise everything Austrian Economics stands for would be invalidated. Every single time throughout history this unrelenting printing leads to the collapse of the underlying currency, or currencies in this case since this being orchestrated on a global basis with the various central banks. Stick with Austrian Economics and it will guide you even though we are in uncharted waters. Regarding the gold market, minus shakeouts, which are really just noise on a long term chart, gold will shine when the dust settles and this bull market will be one for the history books.”

Within hours KWN will be releasing an audio interview!
In the meantime…

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