Below is an email from one of KWN’s global readers and what he had to say was fascinating, especially after zerohedge reported that 260,000 contracts totaling nearly $34 billion were dumped in the paper futures market in a 4 hour period. 

June 15 (King World News)This email just came from one of the global KWN readers (Kevin W.):  

Unfortunately it’s starting to look like truth doesn’t matter and restoring rule of law or money with store of value will not happen. My own conviction is that maybe the 5g network has to be in place in the US before the plug is pulled. And then the blockchain money controlled by Central Bankers will be all powered up to turn on and off full spectrum.

China and Russia seem to be complicit in the construct of this world order scheme, and clearly they are already benefitting with what everyone claims is their long game to not crash the US dollar or market and win by attrition. My previous belief was China and Russia would reinstate the physical metals markets as the price discovery mechanism. For the last few months I have put that belief into question and began considering other details that would counter my belief. Somehow my cognitive awareness is telling me that the Ponzi scheme will end but not like I envisioned.

When it ends, all countries will have been complicit in the means and the end from day one. And hardly anyone is going to get away without being caught without their pants down or without a shackle around their ankle. All one can do is their best to eat healthy food, drink clean and pure water, breathe clean air, avoid the fire of big Pharma, protect themselves from EMF and continue to question the truth, even if to the rest of the world truth doesn’t matter.

King World News note:  On a day like today it is a good idea to read the words of legend Richard Russell:

Richard Russell:  What will be the leverage that will drive up the stock market in the coming third speculative third phase? The answer is human hysteria and greed. And never before seen, sky-high price-to-earnings ratios.

This piece may sound like a reversal of thinking on my part. But it is based on a weekend of deep thinking and memories of 1957…I believe the coming third phase…will have the effect of placing the United States as the continuing world leader.

I left Tuesday’s site with a suggestion that my subscribers swap their phony fiat money for real tangible constitutional money, gold. I believe that within the next decade we will experience a worldwide trend towards honesty and the truth; this will start with currencies and the world will go back to the gold standard.

Since the Great Depression, there have been a number of bull markets, and their average age is 3.8 years. Yet the current bull market is almost six years old. Bull markets usually end and die during periods of hysterical optimism and then exhaustion. That is the way I expect this market to end.

In this time of massive liquidity, I see the world’s stock markets as comparable to a powder keg. The wick is lit and no one knows when the whole pile will ignite.

This Grand Experiment Will End In Disaster
With gold probably near the end of its bear market, technicians are now writing more and more about gold. Debt tends to be deflationary since it requires relatively large amounts of money to carry debt, much less pay it off. A living organism cannot continue to inhale, organisms must exhale as well. This is the simple explanation that the Fed does not understand. The Fed inhales to the choking point and when the choking point is reached, instead of exhaling, the Fed inhales again. The Fed believes that it can inhale endlessly (bull market) and never exhale (bear market).


I’ve been writing Dow Theory Letters since 1958 and as you’ve probably guessed, I am not the same man in my nineties that I was back in 1958 when I was in my thirties. Subscribers have undoubtedly noticed that I write a great deal about spirituality, and that I frequently quote Emmet Fox. As I see him, Fox is a genius mystic, an historian and a great servant to mankind. In my reports, I have always attempted to reveal my innermost thoughts to my subscribers. I started out as agnostic, and to be honest, an atheist. But events during WWII and since have served to change my mind. I write what I’m thinking about and what I’m struggling with. And the majority of my subscribers don’t seem to mind (actually many of them like it).

I often ask myself whether I am doing any good in my stay on this earth. If I have served to guide some of my subscribers toward the spiritual path, I will consider that my visit to the earth on this round will have been worth it. In closing, I’ll say that the most precious commodity on this earth, the most precious commodity that anyone can have, is peace of mind. The antithesis of peace of mind is fear. Fear is the curse of mankind. Man’s greatest task on earth is to equalize or get rid of fear. The path to getting rid of fear is learning to love yourself.

Words from Emmet Fox’s Sermon on the Mount: The old saying, “God has a plan for every man, and he has one for you,” is quite correct. God has glorious and wonderful plans for every one of us. He has planned a splendid career, full of interest, life and joy, for each, and if our lives are dull, or restricted, or squalid, that is not his fault, but ours.

KWN Russell I 11:24:2015

The Calls That Made Him A Legend

Russell gained wide recognition via a series of over 30 Dow Theory and technical articles that he wrote for Barron’s during the late 1950s through the 1990s. Through Barron’s and via word of mouth, he gained a wide following. Russell was the first (in 1960) to recommend gold stocks. He called the top of the 1949-’66 bull market. And almost to the day he called the bottom of the great 1972-’74 bear market, and the beginning of the great bull market which started in December 1974.

King World News note:  On a day like today, it’s a good idea to take a look at the big picture and nobody did that better than the Godfather of newsletter writers.  Richard Russell was the greatest in the business and there will never be anyone to replace him.  Thank God we still have access to his words of wisdom.  Also, later today KWN will release an audio interview discussing today’s takedown in the metals markets and much more.

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