On the heels of Amazon and Google skyrocketing to new all-time highs in after-hours trading, here is a look at the euphoria in stocks, plus a shocking look at what is happening in the gold sector.

From Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader:  Gold miner confusion. More than $800 million was pulled from the GDX and GDXJ funds on Wednesday, the largest ever one-day outflow (see charts below)…

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$550 Million Yanked From GDX Fund Wednesday


$300 Million Yanked From GDXJ Fund Wednesday


There has been a lot of attention on these funds due to too much money chasing too few stocks, so it may not be the best reflection of sentiment.

Meanwhile, an average of over $800 million per day has been flowing into the small-cap Russell 2000 fund, IWM, over the past week (see chart below).

Meanwhile Money Pours Into Small Cap Stocks


That’s the 2nd-most since 2009 behind the initial surge following the election last November.

King World News note:  The bottom line is that the bubble in stocks continues to build as money managers chase return, increasing the risk and the overall size of what will be an extremely painful outcome.  Meanwhile, money is temporarily exiting the gold and silver sector until the trading reverses and investors realize the reality of how dire U.S. situation really is.

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