Today I received the following email from one of the largest gold and silver dealers in the United States:

Eric, do you really believe the establishment will allow it (gold) to ever take off? … It makes
sense economically to skyrocket, but the manipulation seems very effective.

I decided to share my response with the KWN readers around the world:

Gold Price To Be Unleashed By Design
“Yes, the establishment will allow gold to take off and it will be by design.  For what it’s worth, that is why they play so many head games with people on the price because they don’t want people to buy gold or even continue to hold what they already own.

Here is where the gold market is and where it is headed:

The nearly 4 1/2 year bear market in gold has shaken out all of the weak hands and even left many of the die-hard gold bugs questioning themselves…

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As the next leg of the secular bull market has already started, the agent bullion banks have to play the same games they did from $250 gold all the way up to $1,920.  This means a slow retreat with some violent shakeouts, while gold heads to new all-time highs above $2,000 and far beyond.

kwn-i-9162016Gold To Reenter The Monetary System
Gold is going to reenter the monetary system — this discussion has already been underway for some time.  KWN has stated for many, many years that this day is coming.  The first thing that has happened is the Chinese yuan has been included in the SDR basket.  At some point, gold will also be included, but only on the establishment’s timetable.  From now until then, the establishment has instructed their agents — the bullion banks — to scare the hell out of anyone who goes near the gold market and mentally exhaust those who are already in it.

King World News - Fleckenstein - Gold Could Blast Through $1,350 And Be $1,500 In The Blink Of An EyeGold To Be Revalued Above $7,000
The eventual revaluation of gold will be quite dramatic.  We are not talking about $2,000 gold, but a level much higher than that.  People used to talk about $5,000 gold and I always laughed because I knew that was not a high enough revaluation to compensate for the massive money printing, which has only accelerated over the years.  Some have since discussed $7,000 gold, which seemed a bit more realistic to me at the time, but the problem is that there will be more massive money printing programs, so it is a moving target in terms of the eventual gold price (higher).  Keep in mind that it is possible the gold revaluation may be done in stages.

King World News - The Endgame Is Coming And Something Really Wild Is Right In Front Of UsWhat Seems Impossible, Becomes Reality
I remember when I purchased and took delivery of over 3 tonnes of silver ($4.79 average).  At the time people said silver would never go above $5, and Morgan Stanley closed down its physical delivery for silver to their customers — they were the last bullion bank to do this.  I knew that was the bottom and I also knew the U.S. strategic stockpile of silver was going to run out, which it did early at that start of the new century.  Silver then took off and the rest is history.

What is more interesting than that is the fact that when I used to tell people that silver was going to new all-time highs, some thought this idea was simply crazy.  But they didn’t when the price of silver hit $49 and change.  The reason I bring this up is because what seems impossible at certain points in a secular bull market, becomes reality over time.

King World News - A Trip Down The Rabbit Hole Of Money Dropping Helicopters, Followed By Debt RepudiationA Trip Down The Rabbit Hole Of Frustration And Lost Faith
Now, when I promise people that gold and silver are headed to new all-time highs over time, many don’t believe it is possible because they have been mentally exhausted by the 4 1/2 year bear market.  This is even after they witnessed silver surging from the $4s to roughly $50, and gold soaring from $250 to $1,920.  The bottom line is that people lose faith, even after seeing what seemed impossible, become reality.  

For what it’s worth, gold will take off whether governments in the West want it to or not because markets are bigger than governments.  Hang in there and for God’s sake, sell as much physical gold and silver to your customers as they are willing to buy because it will be their salvation when the current monetary system is finally destroyed.”

Major Interview To Be Released

I would like to add to this that King World News just conducted an interview with the individual who was asked to be the keynote speaker at last year’s Fed-IMF-World Bank Conference, Nomi Prins, and this powerful interview will be released on Friday.  Nomi just completed a trip to China, where she spoke with BRICS bank officials as well as officials from the IMF.  So she will be updating KWN readers and listeners around the world on breaking information from her visit to China as well as how this will impact the gold market.  This is an interview everyone will want to read and listen to.


King World News note:  KWN has been getting many emails from our readers and listeners around the world asking about which mining stocks to invest in for the bull market in gold, silver, and the mining shares.  As a result, KWN has been actively in talks with the highest quality mining companies and management teams that offer the best opportunities for investors in the mining sector, that are being allowed to sponsor King World News by invitation only.

KWN is constantly solicited by mining companies that wish to sponsor the network but they are rejected because they fail to pass a rigorous due diligence process that includes speaking to the most brilliant minds in the gold world about these companies.  So KWN will only feature only the best investment opportunities for its readers and listeners and you can look forward to more companies being introduced in the near-future.

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