A day of reckoning is coming, look at these shocking inflation numbers, plus what will it take to crash this market?

A Day Of Reckoning Is Coming
August 5 (King World News) – 
Michael Burry:  The Silliness is back. After 1929, after 1968, after 2000, after 2008, the strain of Silliness that transformed bulls into bubbles completely and utterly disappeared. But that familiar COVID-era Silliness is not dead yet. Like 2001 before Enron, before 9/11, before WorldCom…

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Holger Zschaepitz:
  OUCH! German 1y ahead Power Price just hit fresh ATH >€400/MWh.

800% Increase In German Power Prices!

Energy Shock
Bloomberg Energy:
  The energy shock hitting UK citizens’ incomes is about five times as bad as the worst episode of the 1970s, according to the Bank of England.

INFLATION: 1970s vs Today
Luke Gromen:
  The rise in energy prices in the 1970s made UK North Sea oil production economic. High prices drove a world-changing supply response. Today, western sovereign debt levels are so high that the energy prices needed to drive a supply OR demand response will bankrupt western sovereigns.

A Hard Winter For Many
Willem Middelkoop:
  The coming winter will be hard for many Most will pay 2000-4000 euro more for heating.

What Will It Take To Crash This Market?
The Kobeissi Letter: 
Recent Events: 

1. Inflation at 40 year high of 9%+
2. Credit card debt up 30% since April
3. Largest geopolitical conflict since WW2
4. Rising rates into a recession
5. Lowest mortgage demand since 2001 Yet, S&P is down just 14%. 

If this can’t crash the market, what will?

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