Today the man President Ronald Reagan called upon to help save the United States from collapse in 1981 made one of the most terrifying predictions of 2015.  Below is the dire warning from former White House budget director, David Stockman.

Former White House official David Stockman (pictured below) warns disaster is comingKing World News - David Stockman - Central Banks Are On The Edge Of Desperation And Carnage Is Coming Soon

One Of The Most Terrifying Predictions Of 2015

David Stockman:  “The central banks as late as 2006 had combined balance sheets of $5 trillion. Today it’s $16 trillion.  Total outstanding credit in the world is now past $200 trillion.  There are going to be enormous losses and cascading effects.  There is a huge amount of dislocation on the way and it’s going to be devastating in its scope and intensity. 

There is going to be a massive conflagration (extensive fire that destroys assets) in the financial markets.  It’s going to be the Great Repricing of all kinds of financial instruments — stocks and bonds.  It’s already happened to commodities and derivatives are waiting in line.  That’s where the carnage is going to occur.” David Stockman's remarkable audio interview has now been released and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.   The written interviews that KWN has released with Stockman only contain about 5 percent of what is in his extraordinary audio interview.  This is one of Stockman's most important interviews ever as he discusses how the catastrophic endgame will unfold, what surprises people should expect in 2015 and much more.

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King World News - David A. Stockman - MP3 - 2.14.15

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