With gold surging $20, the Dow above 18,000, and many people around the world growing increasingly concerned about escalating tensions between the United States and countries in the East, today David Stockman spoke with King World News about black swans and the U.S. war against Russia.

Eric King:  “Dr. Paul Craig Roberts recently warned King World News about black swans that Russia could unleash against the West.  Then, today we had former White House official, Dr. Philippa Malmgren, telling KWN that the United States is already at war with Russia and China.  David, this situation with East vs West is accelerating and getting very dangerous, isn’t it?”

David Stockman:  “Absolutely and it’s totally unnecessary.  Our foreign policy regarding the Ukraine and eastern Europe is absolutely stupid and irrational….

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“There was no reason to expand NATO all the way through eastern Europe — adding 14 new countries since the Cold War ended — coming all the way to the border of Russia, creating tensions and antagonisms that have no reason to exist.

Western Promise To Gorbachev Broken

In fact, in 1989 we said to Gorbachev, ‘If you allow the reunification of Germany, if you withdraw from the Warsaw Pact occupations, then we will not expand NATO by a single inch.'  That’s what was promised.  Look what we have today.

So this confrontation never should have happened.  We never should have been meddling in Ukrainian politics last February.  We shouldn’t have fomented the coup that threw out a constitutionally elected government.  We shouldn’t be sending the $30 billion, coming from the IMF, the United States and western Europe, to the Ukrainian government in Kiev so that they can prosecute a war against the Russian speakers in the eastern regions of the country.

All of this is nonsensical.  And then when you lay on top of that the collapse of the oil price, you have a very combustible mix — nothing like what was prevalent during the last crisis in 2008, or in 2000 when the dot-com bubble burst.

Black Swans

So black swans and what could be coming out of this giant confrontation and collapse that’s occurring in the Russian economy is almost impossible to predict, but I don’t see why anyone would think there could be any good coming from it.” 

KWN has now released the fascinating David Stockman audio interview where he discusses his surprising predictions for 2015, the biggest danger facing the world today, West vs East conflict, black swans, the gold market and much more. You can listen to it by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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