Crisis is all around us as central bank panic gold buying binge continues.

Crisis Is All Around Us
December 6 (King World News) – Simon Mikhailovich:  The 1929 crash did not cause the Great Depression; it was the depression that caused the crash. Same in 2000 & 2008 – by the time markets crashed, crises in tech & real estate had been well underway. And now, another crisis is all around us…

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Houston, We Have A Problem
Egon von Greyerz:
  US Debt has gone up 35X since 1981 but that tax revenue has only increased 8X from $0.6 trillion to $4.9t. How can any sane person believe that with debt going up 4.5X faster than tax revenue that the debt can ever be repaid?

Gold Buying Binge
Ritesh Jain:
  Something interesting going on.

Central Bank Gold Buying Binge In Full Swing

Going Very Well For Mining Stocks
Otavio Costa:
  After 2 decades of continuous equity dilution: The top 10 gold and silver miners are now doing record amounts of share buybacks.

Gold & Silver Mining Companies Doing All-Time Record Stock Buybacks

Charlie Bilello:
  Lumber prices are at their lowest levels since June 2020, down 78% from the peak in May 2021.

Lumber Prices Have Crashed Back To 2020 Levels

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