Commercial traders are shorting massive amounts of this commodity. Hint: It’s not gold.

Below you can see that commercial hedgers in the crude oil market are back at one of the highest net short positions in history.

Commercial Shorts In Crude Oil Near All-Time Record


The reason it is so important to keep an eye on the price of crude oil is because of its inflationary impact as it affects so many inflation metrics as a result of its flow-through effect…

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Below is a 23-year chart which shows the remarkable level of commercial short positions in the crude oil market.

23-Year Chart Of Commercial Shorts In Crude Oil


The chart below shows the commercial shorting of Total Energy Positions.  As you can see, it is at very high levels historically.

Commercial Total Energy Shorts Near All-Time Record


Finally, below is a 23-year chart of Total Energy Hedgers Positions.

23-Year Chart Of Commercial Total Energy Shorts


The bottom line is this is exactly how you would expect to see crude oil trading in an extremely weak global economy that is suffering from being caught in the grips of a rolling depression.  

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