With the price of gold continuing to hold the $1,450 support area, it appears a Comex whale may fuel a gold bull run into January and beyond, plus silver and silver stocks coiling for a big surge.

Comex Whale May Fuel Gold Bull Run Into January And Beyond
December 2 (King World News) – Alasdair Macleod:  “When Comex gold saw 107k contracts rolled forward last Tuesday it indicated a whale with a 300 tonne long position. Perhaps it knows something not in the public domain, eg. the truth behind repo crisis. No one takes out such an extreme position as a pure punt…

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That being the case we can discount the market being very overbought, which would reflect undue price optimism. Adjusting for a possible whale shows the managed money category to be slightly oversold, which is bullish and can support a decent run into January and beyond.

Silver & Silver Stocks Coiling For Big Surge
Graddhy out of Sweden: 
“We now have breakout for the silver miners above my blue consolidation triangle. A close above previous high at 10.827 confirms the BO. Have put in ICL (Intermediate Cycle Low) as I can’t see this going back to the lows (still unconfirmed). My green rounded bottom pattern for pm is still on track. (See below).

Silver Stocks Breaking Out, Confirming Green Rounded Bottom

Gold Set To Shine Again?
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