Another bullish gold catalyst as Albert Edwards warns, “Beware a US dollar slump.”

Expect Massive Euro Surge
June 28 (King World News) –
Albert Edwards:  “Great chart I borrowed’ from my colleague. Huge fundamental upward pressure on the € disconnected with actual performance in circle. The rapid turn in interest rate diff against the dollar now trigger an overdue euro surge (dollar slump). $1.30-1.40/€ anyone? (See chart below).

Eurozone ‘Basic Balance’ Says Euro To See Massive Rally

Albert Edwards continues:  “…and Eurozone economic surprise are handsomely exceeding the US for the first time since 2017. In that year the euro surged from $1.05 to $1.20. Beware a dollar slump. (See chart below).

“Beware A US Dollar Slump”

Peter Schiff:  “In the greatest economy in American history, the Chicago PMI just plunged to 49.7 in June, verses the market’s expectation of 53.6. This is the first time this index has been in contraction since Dec. of 2015, when a weak U.S. economy stagnated under the failed policies of Obama.”

When It Comes To The Gold Market
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