Here is one of the most important events of this summer as China is beginning “to tie down sources of supply worldwide.”

Eric King:  “Rick, it’s been an interest summer to say the least.  I know that you just held a big conference.  What’s happening out there with investor sentiment and where are we in the gold bull market?”

Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
Rick Rule:
 “From my point of view, we’re in a great market now.  Certainly we went through the Valley of the Shadow of Death in 2015.  2016 saw a very strong market in the gold stocks, and then the gold stocks of course tapered off.  We’re seeing continued gold strength even in the face of, until recently, a strong US dollar, which is always a bullish sign.  And from my viewpoint, better yet, the gold equities lagged while gold itself did well, creating what we see as a ‘catchup circumstance.’  

Table Set For A Spectacular Market As China Locks Up Worldwide Sources Of Supply
We are in one of those rare circumstances, I think, where the table is set for a spectacular market, but people aren’t showing up because the market hasn’t started yet.  In the general commodities side what we are seeing very recently is certainly the return of the leading edge Chinese investors to begin to tie down sources of supply worldwide.  And you will note on the gold side that although general market investors aren’t involved, the leading edge….This interview is a must listen for any gold and silver investor.  To listen to the remarkable audio interview simply CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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