On a day when the price of gold was hammered to the downside, billionaire investor Pierre Lassonde told King World News that investors need to focus on the big picture and not the volatility because the price of gold is headed into a mania.

Lassonde is arguably the greatest company builder in the history of the mining sector.  He is past President of Newmont Mining, former Chairman of the World Gold Council and former Chairman of Franco Nevada.  Lassonde is one of the wealthiest, most respected individuals in the gold world, and as always King World News would like to thank him for sharing his wisdom with our global readers during this critical period in these markets.

June 3 (King World News) – Billionaire mining legend Pierre Lassonde:  “You are going to get a mania in gold when the Shanghai Gold Exchange becomes a casino. We all know the Chinese have a great propensity for gambling and I think at some point the Shanghai Gold Exchange is going to become a casino — that’s when you are going to see a gold price that you and I can’t even imagine. And I think you’ll see that in…to hear the rest from Pierre Lassonde CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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