As we end of the second week of trading in July, the big picture for gold is bullish but look at what the hedge funds are up to, plus chart of the week and many other surprises.

July 12 (King World News) – 
Ole Hansen:  “During the past six weeks hedge funds (CoT) have bought 21.7m oz and ETF investors 3.6m oz. With the price trading close to a six-year high and key support at $1380/oz holding the resolve of this group has yet to be challenged. (See chart below).

Hedge Funds Winning On Their Bets In The Gold Market

Citi Surprise Index
Jeroen Blokland: 
“Uh-oh! The Citi Economic Surprise Index for Emerging Countries has dropped to the lowest level in more than six years. (See chart below).

Emerging Countries Citi Economic Surprise Index Lowest In More Than 6 Years

China Stimulus Waning?
Jeroen Blokland continues:  “Stimulus waning? China’s economic surprise index is down to its lowest level in four years. (See chart below).

China Surprise Index Hits Four Year Lows

Big Picture Bullish For Gold
Edward Gofsky:
  “Gold {Big Picture}. Potential {Bull Flag} setting up on the (monthly) chart. (See below).

Gold’s Big Picture Is Extremely Bullish

Ratio Of Gold To Stock Prices Lowest In 15 Years
Lawrence Lepard at Equity Management Associates:
  “The ratio of gold prices to stock prices is the lowest in about 15 years, and is in the lowest quartile of historical data. Given the hypervaluation we observe in the equity market, we would certainly expect gold to perform better than stocks in response to any inflation shock.”

Keynesian Money Printers: To Infinity And Beyond
Mark Valek out of Liechtenstein:
  “A debt based monetary system demands ever expanding debt. Keynesianism IMO is an economic school which implicit objective is to maximize the life expectancy of a debt based monetary system. (See chart below).

Everything Eventually Hits A Wall

Chart Of The Week
Mark Valek continues:  “Bubble Economics in one Chart (see below).

CHART OF THE WEEK: Bubble Economics In One Chart

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