Here is another all-time record, look at what has been skyrocketing, plus got wood?

Got Wood?
July 15 (King World News)
Holger Zschaepitz:
  The everywhere rally can also be seen in commodities: Lumber has surged by a further 4% to reach its highest level since early 2018. (See below).

Lumber Prices Have Literally Been Skyrocketing!

Already Reached 2008 Crisis Levels
Amit Noam Tal:
  In my opinion the graph that best sums up how strong the banks are today! (JP Morgan, Citi, Wells Fargo)

We have already reached the level of the crisis in 2008 … No one is talking about a liquidity crisis – on the contrary, the system is bursting with liquidity (see below).

Loan Loss Provisions Have Already
Reached 2008 Crisis Levels!

Another All-Time Record
Lisa Abramowicz:
  Retail bankruptcies are piling up at a record pace, “Five filed in the first two weeks of July, matching the record for a month with more than two weeks to go,” with the latest being the parent of New York & Co. yesterday. (See below).

Retail Bankruptcies Smash All-Time Record!

Gold, Silver, One Of The Most Important Trading Lessons Ever
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