Today whistleblower and London metals trader Andrew Maguire warned King World News that the recent chaos is a prelude to the Great Financial Reset as the central banks’ debt-ridden charade collapses.

Andrew Maguire:  “It is important to understand why price moves in these synthetic markets and who is behind the curtain pulling the strings.  As we have just said, fundamentally gold should be trading at multiples of where it is now and the reset is overdue and will come when people least expect it….

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“But in order to rationalize what’s in front of us and to keep a balanced view, we have to look at where we are in the price-setting process now and what to expect as we enter gold season next week.

King World News - Bill Fleckenstein - Bubblevision Tries To Keep The Dream Alive As The Mainstream Media And Bullion Banks Bash Gold

Cracks Starting To Appear As The Illusion Goes Terribly Wrong

In the larger picture, there is enough evidence to point to the fact that the gold, stock and bond markets are actively traded by the FED’s Plunge Protection Team.  Gold is simply the short side of a central bank-coordinated strong-dollar trade.  However, this is an illusion that has gone terribly wrong. We saw the cracks appear again this week as the Fed is running out of ammunition in all markets.

The bottom line is that gold is the flip side of a currency cross that competes with the dollar: XAU/USD.  There is no denial that all currencies are ‘managed’ and the net result of many years of this centrally planned gold price suppression scheme is that gold is grossly undervalued. As a result of this dilutive price suppression, the physical markets have migrated to where the liquidity takers are — Asia.  Losing control of the physical markets is the Fed’s Achilles’ heel, and as we head into this new gold season with physical demand being set in the Asian hubs, the reset is imminent.

The net result is that the leveraged precious metals markets are increasingly underpinned by less and less physical metal. This migration of physical out of the control of the Western central banks was never envisaged when the gold carry trade was instigated by Robert Rubin in the 1980s.  It is openly admitted by the LBMA that unallocated gold is not backed by physical gold.  But what is not admitted is that accrued, embedded, short derivative positions relating to these highly leveraged unallocated positions are so mismatched against the physical they were one built upon that there is no exit without a cash-settled bailout.

King World News - Andrew Maguire Warns Recent Chaos Is A Prelude To The Great Financial Reset As Central Banks' Debt-Ridden Charade Collapses

Recent Chaos Is Just A Prelude To Great Financial Reset

Buying back this metal is not an option for the Western central banks.  The mismatched condition is so critical, it is showing up in permanent backwardations between the cash spot markets and futures positions (many months out).  Also, the co-basis tells a story of a mismatch between current prices and supply.  This condition has resulted in physical rehypothecations of Western central bank leased/swapped gold.  Lots of evidence supports this.  As an example, repatriations are taking far too long.

I deal with liquidity providers and takers who are directly related to sovereign entities that on a weekly basis physically move large tonnages between global vaulting hubs.   This proves that the German physical gold repatriations of just 300 tonnes should have taken only a few short weeks, not years.  There is no doubt that anyone connected to the wholesale market understands this. 

Central banks also understand this and are busy accruing gold ahead of their only back door — a cash market reset.  And guess who will be holding the physical gold?  This is why it is imperative that people take physical delivery of their gold and silver now or vault it independently to protect it from a bail-in when this whole debt-ridden charade collapses.” ***SEE IMPORTANT NOTE AND CHART BELOW and KWN has now released the extraordinary audio interview with Andrew Maguire, where he discusses the astonishing moves in the gold market by the bullion banks, why a global reset is imminent, and much more, and you can listen to it when it’s released by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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