Americans “very concerned” about high cost of living, plus gold, miners, and this is hard to believe.

Miners Mini Capitulation Is Good News
April 28 (King World News)
Fred Hickey:  Today’s (yesterday’s) miner stock dump in the afternoon was preceded by across-the-board target price cuts from JP Morgan earlier in the morning based upon their $1730 & $1600 (long-term) gold price targets – which make little sense in the greatest monetary debasement episode in U.S. history.

Tomorrow (today) gold miners begin reporting. Miners slowly sliding over past few days leading to what looked like a ‘mini capitulation’ dump this afternoon (even though gold itself was little changed). Fingers crossed, but demoralization before dovish Fed and EPS reports could turn out well…

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More Inflation
Graddhy out of Sweden: 
As suspected, weekly blue triangle backtest was finished and it is now breaking away upwards. We still see many calls for deflation. This is perfect as it shows there is still massive doubt in the commodities bull – will just make it go further.

Commodities Bull Has Long Way To Go

Hard To Believe
The Daily Shot:
  The 3-month Treasury bill yield is back in negative territory (see chart below)…

3-Month Yield Back In Negative Territory…

Expanding QE
The Daily Shot:
  … amid rising liquidity (see chart below).

…Amid Rising Liquidity

High Cost Of Living
Gregory Daco:
  About 87% of Americans are concerned about rising costs of household expenses. Endogenous response: About 20-30% buying less as a result of higher prices , mostly amongst lower income families. (See chart below).

Americans Very Concerned About High Cost Of Living

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