Nearly 10 million ounces of silver and 2 million ounces of gold just exited London vaults!

The Truth About Printed Money
January 10 (King World News) – Egon von Greyerz:  Is it possible that credit growth could be healthy for the Economy? Yes, but not if you need $3-5 of credit to create $1 of GDP. Certainly not if you grow debt 31X and tax revenue only 6X, which has been the case since Reagan became President in 1981. This is toxic credit.

Physical Gold & Silver Fleeing London Vaults
Alasdair Macleod:
  London vault stats out. Gold fell 1,899,000 ounces, 141,000 at BoE. Silver down 9,505,000. Bearing in mind daily gold mine flow is sold thru London, seems to be disappearing into firm hands out of the system. Silver probably represents mostly industrial drawdown…

With surface samples as high as a staggering 300,000
grams of silver, this company is looking to make
one of the largest silver discoveries in history!

Silver vs CRB
Graddhy out of Sweden: 
The big blue breakout & backtest for this chart is still valid, and it is still holding that orange backtest. So silver is still holding its ground versus general commodities complex, expected, but good to see as it is important for the bull.

Silver Ready To Explode Higher vs CRB

This precious metals miner ratio chart shows relative strength, and means that when that blue backtest is finished and we get going, silver stocks are once again going to outperform gold stocks.

Silver Miners To Outperform Gold Miners

My FBO (FAKE BREAK OUT) call made back in March 2020 was confirmed after 3 quarters. It now has 8 white/green candles in a row from the low. One of the most important big picture charts right now. General equities is shaky right now. This chart is THE opportunity of this decade.

CRB Set To Radically Outperform The Dow!

Gold & Swiss Francs
The Swiss Franc and Gold has a decent correlation. My purple triangle for Swiss franc/US dollar is now backtesting its breakout. My yellow triangle for Gold in Swiss francs is now probably finishing up its backtest, plus holding MA50.

Swiss Franc Set To Outperform US Dollar…

…And Gold Has Already Broken Out In Swiss Francs

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