Look at these markets seeing massive waterfall declines as other hit new highs as chaotic global trading continues.

Mortgage rates based on the 10-Year Treasury have been headed dramatically higher as bonds continue their waterfall decline (see crashing chart below).

Waterfall Decline In 10-Year Treasuries As Interest Rates Rise


30-Year Treasuries are also in free fall…

30-Year Treasuries Continue To Plunge As Interest Rates Rise


Meanwhile the U.S. Dollar is hitting new multi-year highs…

U.S. Dollar Hits New Multi-Year Highs


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And the Dow Jones is at new highs…

Dow Jones Hits New All-Time Highs


Along with the Nasdaq…

Nasdaq Hits New All-Time Highs


The bottom line is that the world is set for much more chaotic trading as the year comes to an end and we head into what will be a wild west atmosphere in global markets in 2017.  Just remember, no matter what hell breaks loose, gold will stand the test of time.

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