As we come to the end of a wild week of trading, today Dr. Stephen Leeb told King World News here is how gold will trade in the coming weeks before it eventually hits $10,000.

Zero Interest Rates Forever
June 28 (King World News) – 
Holger Zschaepitz:  US is heading to future of zero interest rates forever. It’s obvious way to avert national bankruptcy as country keeps piling on debt. Federal govt borrowing now amounts to 4.2% of GDP each year. By 2049, CBO predicts, that will more than double, to 8.7%. (See chart below).

US Heading To Future Of  Zero Interest Rates Forever

Gold To Trade Higher On Monday
Dr. Stephen Leeb: 
“I don’t expect to see an agreement between the US and China this weekend. Therefore, gold may be trading higher on Monday. But, Eric, I think we may also see one more pullback in the gold market to about the $1,350 breakout level before gold goes to many thousands of dollars an ounce…Within hours KWN will be releasing this extremely important audio interview with Dr. Stephen Leeb discussing why he believes that the price of gold will soar above $10,000 and you can listen to it as soon as it’s released by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

Bullish Gold Catalyst

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