Here is an important update after yesterday’s carnage in the gold, silver and mining share markets.

Gold & Mining Stocks
October 1 (
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Graddhy out of Sweden:  “As expected, Gold is now dropping through my thin zone. (See below).

Gold Plunges Into “Thin Zone” – Breaks Down From Head & Shoulders Top: Possible Target For Pullback $1,417-$1,381

GDX – Gold Mining ETF
Graddhy out of Sweden continues:  “As expected, GDX does now also have a failed DC with today’s move to 26.54, and with that a LT DC, confirming the IC (Intermediate Cycle) decline. So the DCH (Daily Cycle High) call I made on day 7 is now confirmed. It also broke down from its head & shoulders (neckline is blue dotted line). (See below).

GDX Tumbles To 26.71, Toward 25.54-24.25 Target

Reiterating: Remain Patient During This Decline
King World News note: If Graddhy is correct, it may be wise to let the decline fully mature in both gold and silver before adding to any positions in the mining stocks. For those of you who dollar cost average into physical gold and silver, stay disciplined and continue to make your purchases at the same time each month. Do not get cute and try to time the market.

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