Today whistleblower and London metals trader Andrew Maguire told King World News that Western central planers have finally lost control of the gold market.

But first, it is important to read this from Andrew Maguire’s December 18, 2015 KWN interview:

“I wanted once more to focus upon the unprecedented, game-changing liquidity drain out of London into Asia. This is evidenced by the increasingly illiquid LBMA fixes. I don’t see this discussed anywhere else and given the pace of this liquidity drain, this will become the catalyst for the inevitable forced cash reset in the highly leveraged unallocated London gold markets.

In a liquid physical marketplace, divergences cannot exist as they will be arbitraged. This will have a massive impact on positioning in the multibillion dollar gold and silver derivatives markets. The current derivative structure is anchored in billions of dollars’ worth of underwater cash bets that will have to be reset as these bets are undeliverable when true supply-and-demand fundamentals grab the gold market by the tail.

Anyone who thinks the commitment of traders and central planners are not gearing up for this event obviously has no exposure to the wholesale markets.”

Below is a recent chart showing the price of gold (as reflected through the ETF GLD), after Andrew Maguire’s remarkable KWN interview on December 18:

KWN Maguire I 2:12:2016

And Today…

Here is the latest from Andrew Maguire:  “Now that we are entering a negative rate world, I am seeing a lot of very large-sized institutional money looking for a home. Some of this money is flowing into gold, and this is confusing technical traders who are battling what looks like a technically overbought gold market…

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KWN I 11:1:2015Big Money Is Flowing Into Physical Gold…
Andrew Maguire continues:
  However, this time there is a difference. Institutional money is flowing into allocated physical gold globally, and this is changing the dynamics. The usual synthetic market wash-and-rinse cycle is breaking down as its drivers are anchored upon a fractional reserve unallocated bullion market structure, which is the equivalent of a Ponzi scheme.

What this is telling us is that the price drivers are now coming from the physical markets.  Whereas up until now it has been Comex speculators that have heavily influenced global prices, this is now changing.  The Comex tail wagging the much larger spot or physical market dog’s days are over.

King World News - Fleckenstein Addresses Crowded Small Speculator Long Trade In The Gold MarketAnd The Physical Market Is Now Dominating
Trendlines anchored on historical pivots have entered a phase where fundamentals will start to dictate future price movements as well as the technicals. This is because the
 structural price drivers have seen the paper/synthetic leveraged markets migrate to Asia, where gold is simply viewed as money and all gold accounts are physically delivered.  

Financial journalists tend to look at gold with a US-centric view. However, gold is a global currency, trading as one component (pairs cross), of a $5 trillion a day foreign exchange market.  OTC FX trading volumes far surpass Comex volumes. Some 500-600 tonnes of gold is cleared by the London Precious Metals Clearing (LPMCL) every day in London, whereas only 5-7 tonnes per day of gold are delivered at the AM and PM London fixes.

So what we are seeing are the synthetic gold markets giving way to a fundamentally driven global physical market, and fundamentals dictate much higher prices to come. 

KWN Maguire I 3:10:2015Physical Gold Market Leaving London
To explain this a bit better, let’s first take a quick look at the market structure. Comex is a trading tool, but clearly a non-delivery market, so not an investment tool.  To add provenance to this fact one only has to compare delivery volumes on the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) vs the Comex. SGE weekly physical withdrawals averaged 49 tonnes per week throughout 2015, but the entire annual Comex deliveries barely exceed one week of the SGE’s offtake.

In addition, more than 95% of gold traded on the LBMA is ‘unallocated gold,’ which is paper gold settled by way of a debits or credits in the respective LBMA member banks metal accounts. The holders of these accounts are merely unsecured creditors of the bank with general claims on an unspecified volume of gold in the bank’s vault.

Therein lies the problem for the Western central banks. Before the physical markets started to migrate to Asia, it was possible to keep rolling over forwards and derivative positions because of the fact that unallocated account holders were not choosing to allocate. This created a vast amount of synthetic gold supply, which had the effect of diluting the real gold price. 

King World News - Western Central Planners Have Finally Lost Control Of The Gold MarketCentral Planners Have Finally Lost Control Of The Gold Market
The current unwind of unallocated high counterparty risk accounts seeking the safe haven of allocated physical gold off loco London has created a market disconnect never seen before. One thing that becomes clear is that current gold price is significantly below fair value. We will see pullbacks and consolidations, particularly in light of gold being so overbought, but the trading action reveals that Western central planners have finally lost control of the gold market.”

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