On the heels of a big dollar decline and surge in the price of gold and silver, today whistleblower and London metals trader Andrew Maguire told King World News that China has just put a huge floor under the gold market!

But first, below is a chart showing the price of gold (as reflected through the ETF GLD), after Andrew Maguire’s remarkable KWN interview just 5 days ago:

GLD key chart I

And Today…

Andrew Maguire:  “China now has gold investors’ backs.  As a key part of its plan, China is building up gold reserves both by way of direct, unreported PBOC (People’s Bank of China) purchases, and much more importantly, openly encouraging citizens to build up their gold investments…

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Andrew Maguire continues:  “I drew attention to a new push by Chinese officials a few weeks back after a contact alerted me to prime time television ads being run in China where the PBOC was openly encouraging its citizens to buy gold.  This is no coincidence (Laughter).  And those ads by the PBOC have been running ever since then.

This gold accumulation push is part of a well structured plan by China that will protect its citizens against the inevitable global currency fallout.  China is stealthily winning a financial war against the short-term thinking West.

King World News - Andrew Maguire - A Staggering 340 Tonnes Of Gold Was Just Flushed Out Of The Market!China Just Put A Huge Floor Under The Gold Market
And after openly encouraging Chinese citizens to buy gold, the PBOC will not let the price of gold fall in any significant way.  This will impact the U.S. dollar price.  China openly encouraging gold buying also suggests they are getting close to announcing their true gold reserves, which are currently aggregated (and concealed) among several state-owned banks and therefore not previously reported as reserves
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