Today one of the greats in the business spoke with King World News about how he traded the U.S. stock market crash in 1987 and the Japanese stock market bubble in 1989, what to expect in the gold, silver and mining space as well as what investors can do to stay sane and keep their cool as we come to the end of the greatest bubble in history.

Eric King:  “Bill, when I looked at your Q&A’s recently, you expressed that you had been receiving a number of emails from frustrated people and (you pointed out that) sometimes that will be near an inflection point.  People around the world are frustrated, and their frustration isn’t just the market action but the lack of reality.”

Fleckenstein responds:  “Yes. Yes.”

Eric King:  “What would you say to them?”

A Trip Down The Rabbit Hole Of Insanity
Bill Fleckenstein:
 “All you can say is, ‘This too will pass.’  And if I told them, for sure, that January 1st it was all going to change, people are so demoralized that wouldn’t even be good news to them because they would say, ‘I’ve got to endure this for another six weeks?’
  People are very worn out, I think, that haven’t been participating in the central bank-fueled madness.  And all these signs of that frustration are indicative that we are very late in the cycle.  Look, I understand it is frustrating but we’re kind of near the end, and we are close to a moment in time when there will be a chance to make plenty of money doing things that seem sane as opposed to things that seem insane.  But in between now and then you just have to be tough and suck it up.

King World News - A Trip Down The Rabbit Hole Of Insanity In The Markets As People Lose Their Minds

I mean this is the craziest thing that I’ve ever seen — the last group of years.  You know you could take all your crazy moments in time (like 1999-2000, 2007, etc) and roll them all together.  Things are so crazy now we’ve got these cryptocurrencies, of which there are now 1,300 of them, and people act like there is some limited supply and there’s not.  It’s just madness on every level all over the place and it’s late in the day, but that doesn’t tell you too much unfortunately.  You just have to be willing to stay tough a little while longer.”

Eric King:  “Bill, you’ve been with King World News since the beginning and I wanted to thank you once again, especially in a time period like we are going through right now, this time period being stressful for people where they sit there and think ‘This reality, or lack of reality, has gone on for so long, will it ever end?’  It starts to feel that way for them.”

Bill Fleckenstein:  “That’s a really good point.  The madness sort of wears on you.  It’s just that the insanity keeps on rolling and after a while it makes you feel like it will never end.  And the closer you are to the end (of the insanity), the more it seems that you can’t take another day of it.  And the fact…to continue listening to one of Bill Fleckenstein’s greatest and most timely interviews ever simply CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.


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