As people around the world await the next round of chaos in the markets, t’s all about the charts so far in 2019.  Here are 4 stunning charts plus a look at the gold market.

Charts That Make You Think
February 5 (King World News) – Below are some truly remarkable charts:

A Stunning Look At The Impact Of Inflation

Ever Wondered What The Global Economy Really Looks Like?


In The Meantime, US Deficits Continue Rising

But It’s Not Helping The US Economy As Small Business Confidence Index Plunges

Inflation And Gold
The bottom line is inflation is crippling what’s left of the middle class and the combination of a struggling economy and high inflation is negatively impacting small business confidence.  This is another reason why the Fed is backing off of raising interest rates and halting QT in 2019.  And all of this is bullish for gold as we await the much anticipated breakout above $1,400.

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