As the gold and silver markets stage a rally, today’s move in gold and silver is nothing compared to what is coming.

A Terrifying Crisis
John Embry:  “Things are continuing to deteriorate across the globe.  Now we are facing the very real possibility of another world war, and in a world with massive nuclear arsenals on both sides I find that to be terrifying…

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John Embry continues:  “In my mind, that crisis dwarfs the economic and financial deterioration.

On a separate note, I laughed when I saw the U.S. GDP number come in at 2.9 percent.  That is totally at odds with important economic indicators such as freight traffic, industrial production, construction, oil consumption, etc.

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Along those same lines, the inflation rate published by the government sharply understates the true rate of inflation for the average U.S. citizen.  The price of necessities — food, energy, housing, and healthcare, are all now rising much faster than the official inflation rate.  And those are the primary items that the average consumers spend the bulk of their incomes on in the United States.

The issue of Obamacare has become a national disgrace, with premium increases in 2017 to exceed double-digit percentages in virtually all constituencies.  It will be interesting to see how this reality is reflected in voting patterns next week.  Despite the mainstream press awarding the election to Hillary Clinton, there may be a bigger backlash coming from the voting public than anticipated.  The public has become increasingly disenchanted with the establishment and what it has done to living standards for the average American.  

King World News - Today's Upside Move In Gold & Silver Is Nothing Compared To What Is Coming

However, irrespective of who wins the election, I foresee a big upward price move in gold and silver that may have already started today, as there are no palatable solutions to the world’s massive debt problems.  I have long believed that we are going to experience a global hyperinflation for the first time in history, and this represents the most disruptive social condition that can possibly occur.  Eventually the debt will have to be dealt with but I suspect that will happen in the wake of the hyperinflation.  At that moment the only refuges will be hard assets, with gold and silver at the front of the pack.  Meaning, today’s upside move in gold and silver is nothing compared to what is coming.”

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