Today one of the greats in the business said we are still in the early stages of the gold bull market and new all-time highs are coming.

GOLD & SILVER: A Feeding Frenzy Will Unfold
October 22 (King World News) – Brett Heath, CEO:  “When we see the next leg higher in the gold bull market take the price of gold to the $1,700-$1,800 level, we will begin to see some serious merger and acquisition activity unfold.  Major producers, which were badly burned with overpriced M&A at the peek in 2011, will finally realize that they have to move aggressively once again in order to make acquisitions.  But the reality is that there will only be small collection of projects that will fit their criteria, and this will lead to serious bidding wars for those high-quality projects.  Meaning, a feeding frenzy will unfold as the majors compete in a desperate attempt to replace depleting reserves.  And some investors have accused the majors of having terrible timing in terms of when they have made acquisitions.

The Truth Is…
I personally communicate with the majors on a regular basis, so I am very aware of the challenges they face on a go forward basis.  And the reality is there might only be a dozen or so projects that will be worthy of being acquired by the majors.  A lot of these high-quality projects are the ones that my company has been targeting for our royalty portfolio.  
The truth is that there is a tremendous amount of fear, even on the part of the majors, when it comes to this gold bull market.  Meaning, the gold bull market is definitely ‘Climbing a wall of worry.’  There has been nearly zero speculative capital that has returned to the sector and you can see that in the prices of many junior companies, which are still under duress in terms of their share prices.  They continue to have trouble raising capital, and this is why we receive calls from junior companies on a daily basis…

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THE KEY: Watch The Price Of Silver
Another major indicator of the lack of speculative capital entering the precious metals sector is the price of silver, which trades well below the $20 level.  So even though the price of silver has rebounded, on a historic basis it still trades well below normal levels for the Gold/Silver ratio.  The big move higher in silver is still on the horizon, and the price of silver aggressively vaulting higher will be the key indicator that speculative money is once again flowing into the sector.

In The Meantime…
n the meantime, Metalla Royalty will continue to capitalize on the weakness in the sector by making key additions to what is already becoming recognized as an up and coming world class portfolio.  And the great thing for shareholders, and what explains our strong share price on a relative basis, is that fact that the expanding portfolio will be heavily leveraged to higher gold and silver prices.  Meaning, the value of Metalla’s portfolio will radically increase as the prices of the metals begin to seriously asset themselves on the upside.

Early Stages Of The Gold Bull Market
The reality is that we are still in the early stages of this gold bull market, especially given the lack of generalist and institutional involvement — they are just not there yet.  And this is likely to send the price of gold to new all-time highs as that money begins to flow into the space.  So investors who position themselves now, ahead of the coming boom in the sector, will see massive profits in those holdings in their stock portfolios.”  Brett Heath is CEO of Metalla Royalty & Streaming, symbol MTA in Canada and MTAFF in the US.

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