Today a 50-year market veteran warned King World News that the unsuspecting public is being led into immense financial destruction.

November 4 (King World News) – John Embry:  “Well, as I remarked to you last week, Eric, about the huge buildup in the commercial – i.e. bullion bank — short interest on the Comex in gold.  I said that we were either going to see a commercial signal failure, where the shorts were overrun, which is a very rare event, or we were going to experience a prodigious selloff as the shorts would force the longs to dump their positions.  It didn’t take long to find out the outcome…

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On Wednesday, the Fed’s tone was allegedly hawkish as they signaled a possible December rate increase.  And this was used as a cover to once again crush the prices of gold and silver and force the speculators to run for the hills.  So this tired, old, wash,rinse and repeat cycle was invoked for the umpteenth time.

Now, make no mistake.  The bullion banks may be the main operatives in this undertaking, but they have the total support of the Western central banks, who are becoming increasingly desperate in their attempt to keep things afloat.

Also, there was an interesting on the front page of the very establishment Financial Times this weekend.  The FT described the central banks’ activities to keep stocks aloft.  It cited their efforts to stem concerns about the international economy, while Draghi suggested more QE may be in the offing in December.

None of this comes as any surprise to me because what else can the central planners do at this point beside more QE?  However, the true insult to human intelligence was the blathering from the Fed about the probable rate hike later this year.  If anything, what will occur is a dramatic acceleration of QE because the U.S. economy is showing increasing signs of lapsing into recession.  So I just think this is some moral suasion — this talk of higher rates. 

A more interesting and honest assessment of things may have come from John Williams, the San Francisco Fed President.  He told Reuters that low, neutral interest rates may be a warning sign of possible changes in the U.S. economy, which the central bank does not fully understand.  I thought that was a rather interesting statement but I also thought it was a bit disingenuous.

I believe that the Fed understands perfectly well what the problem is — infinitely too much unsustainable debt that can only be kept afloat by a zero-based interest rate policy and whatever amount of liquidity is required.  But the Fed can’t admit this publicly.  So you have misleading statements being made about raising rates, accompanied by bogus data about the state of the economy.

King World News - The Unsuspecting Public Is Being Led Into Immense Financial Destruction

Unsuspecting Public Being Led To Immense Financial Destruction

All the while, all markets are aggressively manipulated to support the verbiage and to ensure the unsuspecting public that all is well.  With respect to the talk by the Fed of a rate rise, why would the overvalued stock market actually rise on a supposedly hawkish statement by the Fed, while undervalued gold and silver were smashed?  The gold and silver smash was a perfect example of how unreal these markets are today.

Now this is all going to end very badly, and all those suffering from cognitive dissonance and ignoring the obvious warning signs are going to suffer grievously as a result.  My only advice is to own hard assets at this point and eschew all paper.  Gold and silver have gotten cheaper in the past week, but their physical availability is dwindling, and investors would be well-advised to get what physical metal they can while it’s still available.” ***KWN has now released the extraordinary audio interview with Dr, Stephen Leeb, where he discusses the gold and silver markets, what surprises to expect from China, global markets and more and you can listen to the interview by CLICKING HERE OR THE IMAGE BELOW.

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***KWN has also released the incredible audio interview with London metals trader and whistleblower Andrew Maguire, where he discuses the great unwind that is going to take place in the gold and silver markets, what traders should expect next, and where gold and silver prices are headed, CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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