Today Nomi Prins, who was the keynote speaker that just addressed the Federal Reserve, IMF and the World Bank, warned King World News that there is no saving this global financial system in the second of a series of powerful interviews that have now been released.

KWN Prins I 6:20:2015

Who Will Save The System The Next Time It Begins To Implode?

Eric King:  “You mentioned that we are in unprecedented times.  And the concern is that when the 2008 collapse unfolded there was all this money printing and the banks were bailed out.  It really fell on the shoulders of the taxpayers, but the concern as you said is that this leverage is growing.  There are over one quadrillion dollars of derivatives.  With the leverage totally ramped up in (terms of) the central banks’ (balance sheets), who will save the financial system (this time around)?  Who will save the banks?  There are all these bail-ins that have been written into law in the West and it seems like the next move is just to steal money from the public.  Who will save the system this time when it implodes?

Nomi Prins:  “When it implodes it will implode more dangerously.  The IMF and the Fed have different ideas about whether rates should stay low or go up.  In this particular round the IMF won.  They want rates to stay low because they don’t know what’s going to happen to the global financial system if the availability of cheap money goes away….

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Right now everyone knows, whether they admit it or not, that (cheap money) is the only thing that’s keeping this (global financial) system afloat.  It isn’t production.  It isn’t savings of individuals because nobody has any money to save.  So there is no there, there.

King World News - Nomi Prins Warns There Is No Saving This Global Financial System

There Is No Saving This Global Financial System

So the only policy that these central banks have is to continue to do more of the same.  And the only thing that does is continue to push this next crisis, or the second leg of the current crisis as I look at it, down the road.  There is no saving this (global financial) system.  

All they can do is continue to push the current policies to make it look as if things are operating functionally — as if these banks are solvent and as if these markets are somehow elevated on the basis of value and not on the basis of the cheap money that they are infusing into the system.  That’s all they can do.  They just hope that somewhere along the line this will work out.” ***KWN has now released the powerful KWN audio interview with Nomi Prinswhere she discusses the gold market at length, the coming financial destruction that is in front of us, what investors can do to protect themselves and much more, and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

KWN Nomi Prins mp3 6:20:2015

***KWN has also now released the outstanding KWN audio interview with Rick Rule, where he discusses the gold and silver markets, commodity markets as well as the big picture for the world going forward, and much more, and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

KWN Rule mp3 6:21:2015

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