Today Nomi Prins, who last year addressed the Federal Reserve, IMF and World Bank, just issued a dire warning about what is going to trigger total global collapse.

Nomi Prins:  “We (already) have inflation.  Will the bond market deflate?  It absolutely will deflate when these policies run out of steam or get taken off the table.  And that is why central banks keep coordinating and are so afraid to go back on what they started in 2008…

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Nomi Prins continues:  “If any of these policies were to have been working for real economic growth, they wouldn’t need to have gone on for this many years, which means they actually have only existed in order to help inflate assets in the financial system and to create liquidity that would have otherwise not been there for these assets.

So as long as they continue to pump, we will see the (last) remainder of these assets being supported.  And when they stop, when it can’t happen any longer, when they start to raise rates, when corporate securities start to default more, particularly in countries outside of the U.S. and in certain sectors like oil, which even though oil prices have been rebounding is still facing default and write downs across the banks’ books, when this starts to happen more in a cumulative fashion, that’s when you start to have bond deflation and equity deflation (in earnest).”

Eric King:  “As that unfolds, is that the beginning of the end (of the current global financial system)?”

Nomi Prins:  “It is.  It will be a transition to the destruction of this fabricated money framework.  The only game in town has been fabricated money — this external supply of stimulation that is unprecedented in history.

King World News - Nomi Prins Just Issued A Dire Warning About What Is Going To Trigger Total Global Collapse

And so when that (liquidity) disappears, when that spirals out and economies and financial systems are left to fend for themselves, that’s when things start to implode very quickly.  That is the fear.  That is why coordinated efforts continue to happen.  That’s because of the coordinated fear that these central banks have of seeing the complete implosion of their own financial and banking systems.

So right now fear is motivating…You can continue listening to the extraordinary KWN audio interview with Nomi Prins, where she discusses the implosion of the global financial system, what investors can do with their own money and their actions to protect themselves from the coming carnage, by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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