Nomi Prins, who just completed a trip to China, where she addressed BRICS Bank and IMF officials in Shanghai, just warned that China does not want to see a global stock market crash and they are angry at Western “criminal institutions.”

KWN - Nomi Prins 4:17:2016Nomi Prins just warned China does not want to see a global stock market crash.

Eric King:  “Nomi, you talked about the collapse and when it’s going to start to unfold, but how will it unfold and how bad will it be?  Because I would imagine that as the wheels start to come off, it’s going to be pretty hairy.”

As The Wheels Come Off
Nomi Prins:  
“As the wheels come off, which will be because our election is out of the way, the Federal Reserve is left there to figure out what it really needs to do, and, most importantly, other countries start to pile in and ratchet up their strategies for protecting themselves relative to the Federal Reserve policy of bad regulation, cheap money and so forth, things will unravel…

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Nomi Prins continues:  So that’s what we’re looking at, this additional factor which hasn’t really been prevalent.  It’s been sort of in the background of the power plays from central banks, in particular the People’s Bank of China and how its developing its alliances.   Also, how the IMF is working with the People’s Bank of China, and has been very critical, increasingly so, of the Federal Reserve and U.S. policy.

King World News - Nomi Prins: China Is Angry At Western 'Criminal (Banking) Institutions' - Does Not Want To See A Global Stock Market CrashChina Angry At Criminal Banksters – Does Not Want Global Crash
When those elements start to rise, in contrast to whoever runs the White House and whatever is going on from Washington, is when we will see those downfalls (in global markets).  Because they (the Chinese) don’t like the fact that they are watching a policy that’s basically enabling criminal institutions to speculate globally.  This impacts them as well.  
They (the Chinese) don’t want to see a market crash globally.  They would much rather…To continue listening to the extraordinary KWN audio interview that has now been released with Nomi Prins, CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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