The price of gold will soar to levels no one can imagine, plus here comes the pain and an email from a KWN reader.

Inflation And Hyperinflation
March 29 (King World News) – 
Egon von Greyerz:  Inflation and hyperinflation are likely to destroy most asset values in coming years and currencies will make that final move to ZERO. The Gold price will obviously reflect these moves and will, measured in fiat money, reach levels that no one can imagine…

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History Proves Gold Rises Along With Interest Rates
Otavio Costa sent KWN the following chart of the 10 year bond yield and the price of gold during the 1970s:

Interest Rates And Gold Will Surge Higher
Together Just Like The Wild 1970s

Here Comes The Pain
Stephanie Pomboy: 
One of these is wrong. I know where my bet lies.

Expect VIX Stock Market Volatility (RED LINE) To
Dramatically Increase Like Bond VIX (BLUE LINE)

What A Reversal This Will Be
Stephanie Pomboy: 
The speed with which we are going to go from concerns about hyperinflation to deflation — and the Fed from QT to re-expanding its balance sheet —is going to be absolutely head spinning for many.

Fed Will Soon Reverse Course And Begin
The Mother Of All Money Printing Binges

Having The Final Say
From KWN reader Charles P.: 
Most are shocked, no doubt, by the recovery in the Rouble over the past several weeks since hitting that panic high (or low, depending on one’s POV) in early March. 

Stunning Comeback Of The Russian Ruble

Most are undoubtedly going “WTF!”, as well since, after all, this wasn’t supposed to happen.

Russia Is Winning
But it sends a clear message, actually several messages. 

1. Russia is almost certainly winning the war; and

2. The Real World, that is anyone who needs to eat, drive, or otherwise live a normal life is ready and willing to do business with Vlad in Roubles, or gold, or both.

Countries Want Russian Oil
Many “sovereigns” are out there buying up Roubles.  Japan?  India?  Iran?

Watch For Japan To Start Buying Oil From Russia…In Rubles
Watch for Japan to start buying Russian oil in Roubles.  Yes, there is over a century of strained relations between Russia and Japan since the Russo-Japanese war of the early 20th Century, and of course WW2, but guess what?  This is the 21st Century.  Should Japan do this, it would of course be an extended middle finger to the United States, but despite their propensity for hiri-kiri, I don’t think they’re ready for the whole country to fall on its seppuku sword. 

Russia has several oil exporting ports on their Pacific coastline, within days of Japan.  They’d have no problem delivering whatever Japan wanted to buy.

Keep Up The Good Work!

Charles P.

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