With the Dow hitting new all-time highs, one of the greats in the business told King World News that criminal banks and commercials are now short a mind-blowing nearly 1 billion ounces of silver at the Comex! 

Propaganda, Criminal Banks And A Violent Ending
John Embry:  “Eric, Friday of last week was one of the more bizarre days I’ve witnessed recently.  The bogus jobs report which stated U.S. employers added 227,000 workers, with a dramatic increase in permanent workers — almost half a million — and a huge drop in temporary workers, doesn’t pass the smell test at all…

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John Embry continues:  January is one of the slowest months of the year and with the U.S. economy virtually moribund at this time, an upward explosion in permanent jobs seems extremely unlikely.  However, with seasonal adjustments you can report anything you want, and with the U.S. dollar having been under pressure recently, I assume they deemed it necessary to have a strong jobs report.

I suspect that the accompanying sharp rise in the Dow to well over 20,000 on Friday was orchestrated as well.  And not surprisingly gold and silver were temporarily capped on Friday after a very strong upward move on Thursday.  One of the mantras of the anti-gold cartel — the Western governments, their central banks and the bullion banks — is that excitement must be contained in the precious metals sector at all times.  And rallies aren’t allowed to be sustained, with algorithms constantly being employed at specific levels to stop upward price moves.

“This Will All Come To A Violent End”
This will all come to a violent end when a Black Swan occurs that breaks the cartel’s iron grip on the gold and silver paper markets.  I have believed for a long time that the Chinese, the Russians and other constant accumulators of physical gold and silver are content to let this scam run its course as it permits them to accrue physical bullion at bargain prices.

However, we are moving towards a resolution to this whole issue, and an awful lot of people in the West are going to be very surprised by what ultimately occurs.  Silver is a fascinating study at the current time and is presently trading at roughly 1/3 of its all-time high price reached in both 1980 and the spring of 2011.  This is remarkable in that unlike gold, silver inventories above ground are relatively tiny, and a significant proportion of mine production is consumed in rapidly expanding industrial and medicinal uses.

To date, the paper players have been able to contain the price.  But what is interesting right now is that while the gold Open Interest on the Comex has been contracting sharply, the silver Open Interest has been, once again, expanding dramatically.  As an example, last Thursday the Open Interest in silver rose by over 6,000 contracts, representing some 30 million ounces and now stands at 190,000 contracts representing a mind-blowing 950 million ounces, very close to 1 billion ounces!

King World News - Embry - Criminal Banks & Commercials Now Short A Mind-Blowing Nearly 1 Billion Ounces Of Silver At The Comex!Who In The Hell Is Short This Much Silver?
One has to ask the question, who in the hell would be short this amount of paper silver?  Especially given that by any reasonable measurements silver is the cheapest hard asset on the planet.  I am positive that it is essential in the suppression of the metals, and one of the sharpest precious metals people I know has referred to silver as the cartel’s kryptonite.  I don’t know how long it’s going to take, but I don’t think investors can own enough silver bullion and silver mining equities at this juncture.  The upside is simply amazing.” 
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