The whistleblower who blew the gold and silver markets wide open in 2010 now says gold and silver will skyrocket in 2017.

KWN Maguire I 1:30:2015The Death Knell Of Central Bank Gold Manipulation
Andrew Maguire:  
“Here we are again at 100/1 (leverage in the paper gold market with commercials) short, as we were when we first spoke back in 2010.  But this time there is no Eddie George to come up with a Bank of England sale of 400 tonnes of physical gold.  There is no (substantial amount of) physical gold available at this price to swamp the (physical) market.  So now we have a physical market that is in control, and this time there is no physical to back it (the short positions) up.  We are witnessing…KWN has now released the remarkable audio interview with London whistleblower and metals trader Andrew Maguire and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE.

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