A very interesting extreme is developing in the currency markets that impacts the gold sector…

If you take a look at the chart below, it shows an all-time record long position by commercial hedgers in the Canadian dollar.

Commercials All-Time Record Long Canadian Dollar (10-Year Chart)


Commercials All-Time Record Long Canadian Dollar (23-Year Chart)


To find out which company Doug Casey, Rick Rule and Sprott Asset Management are pounding the table on that already 
has a staggering 18.1 million ounces of gold that just added 
another massive deposit and is quickly being recognized as one of the greatest
gold opportunities in the world –

KWN Eric Sprott Silver PlaySponsored

As Investors Panic Out Of Canadian Mining Stocks


If you look at the chart above, it shows an all-time record panic out of the GDX Gold Mining Index.  This is on top of the commercials taking an all-time long position in the Canadian dollar.  If you are a contrarian who likes to make money going against the panicking herd, now is the time to be buying high-quality Canadian mining companies, especially if you happen to be exchanging a foreign currency for Canadian dollars as you invest on those high-quality companies.

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