Dow plunges 400 as home builder confidence collapses, but here is the really big danger.

China Continues Dumping US Treasuries
November 19 (King World News
) – Here is what Peter Boockvar wrote today as the world awaits the next round of monetary madness:  
Home builder sentiment in November plunged by 8 pts to 60 and that was well below the forecast of a 1 pt drop to 67.

Home Builder Sentiment Plunging

That’s the lowest since August 2016 and the weakness was across all three components. The present situation was down by 7 pts to 67, the outlook was down by 10 pts and Prospective Buyers Traffic softened by 8 pts and is back below 50 at 45. That is also the lowest since August 2016.

The NAHB said:

“Builders report that they continue to see signs of consumer demand for new homes but that customers are taking a pause due to concerns over rising interest rates and home prices.”

This combination “has caused housing demand to stall.”

The NAHB is also calling out the Fed…

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We know in the FOMC statement two weeks did not even mention the weakness in housing. The NAHB today said:

“Recent policy statements on economic conditions have lacked commentary on housing, even as housing affordability has hit a 10 yr low. Given that housing leads the economy, policymakers need to focus more on residential market conditions.”

Bottom Line
Bottom line, builder sentiment is now joining the reality that housing has been slowing all year after hanging in pretty well this year. As the most interest rate sensitive area of the economy outside of auto’s, a moderation in housing was to be expected but what we’re seeing is just how sensitive the economy is to modest changes in interest rates that are historically low. The Fed hiked rates only 200 bps so far and the average 30 yr mortgage rate is not even 100 bps above the 5 year average and that combined with record high home prices has been enough to put a wet blanket on the industry. AGAIN, we have credit cycles now, not economic cycles and that cycle just ebbs and flows with the direction of monetary policy.

THE BIG DANGER: Dislocations
This then creates a major problem for the Fed who can barely get the fed funds rate above 2% without causing some dislocations, however modest so far. While rate hike odds are now below 70%, I would not be surprised it’s shifting to 50/50 in coming weeks. After all, if they don’t hike in December, they can always do so in January. I remain of the belief that a recession will happen at some point and I’d rather it be with a fed funds closer to 3% than 2%. I don’t want to be Japan.

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