Wow: Another record, nothing to see here, in case you missed it, plus expect more waterfall declines.

Another Record
August 10 (King World News) – 
Holger Zschaepitz:  “Value of global bonds has hit a fresh high of $55.8 trillion as investors rushed into safe-haven bonds amid US-China tit-for-tat escalation and further central bank easing abroad. (See below).

Value Of Global Bonds Hits New High Of $55.8 trillion

In Case You Missed It
Jeroen Blokland: 
“In case you missed it! German bank stocks have lost 90% of their value since the great financial crisis. (See below).

German Bank Stocks Have Lost A Staggering 90% Of Their Value Since Great Financial Crisis

Why Not?
Sven Henrich
:  “Hi, I’d like to refinance my negative yield mortgage. My old one was pegged at -1%, but now rates are at -2%. Pay me more please.”

Global Disconnect
Adam Tooze, Director of the European Institute
:  “Global disconnect: the gap between the recession in manufacturing and the continuing growth in services is highly unusual. (See below).

SOMETHING HAS TO GIVE: Look At This Massive Global Disconnect Between Manufacturing And Services

This Spells Trouble
Eric Basmajian at EPB Research:  “Real rates curve “re-inverted.” (See below).

Real Rates Curve Has Now “Re-Inverted”

Look Out Below
Kyle Bass:  HSBC forming the ‘Wilting Dragon’ pattern…in parallel to china and its financial system. The evergrowing bank blow-up is the third major trillion-yuan insolvency of many to come. (See below).

Expect More Waterfall Declines As Bank Blowups Accelerate

Emerging Market Crater
The chart below is from Callum Thomas, Head of Research at TopDown Charts:

Emerging Market Beatdown Continues

John Hussman:
  Wow. The fact that German yields are negative didn’t keep their yield curve from inverting today. 10-year bund yield now below 3-month bubill. Last time we saw that was Feb-Sep 2008. The closest before that was December 2000. Wall Street: “Keep walking. Nothing to see here.” (See below).

“KEEP WALKING. NOTHING TO SEE HERE”: The Last Time We Saw This Was 2008…And Before That December Of 2000

One Of Gerald’s Best
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