For those of you who are wondering if the price of gold will hit $10,000, look at what this CEO just predicted.

January 23 (King World News) – John Awde, CEO of Gold Standard Ventures:  “Gold is on the cusp of a major breakout above a long-term downtrend.  If gold is able to break above $1,370 you will start to see major momentum on the upside and some big money flowing into the sector.  Less then 1.5% of Americans have any exposure to gold, and when you look at the massive pools of capital that are sloshing around the world, if only a small portion of that money flows into the gold sector we will see some massive fireworks on the upside.  $1,370 is a very important number for gold to break above, and if that happens we should see the surge in the price of gold accelerate…

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For our company, Gold Standard Ventures, the drill holes that we put out yesterday were massive.  They were the biggest drill holes we’ve hit to date on our project, Eric.  And we were not modeling for these drill holes to come right to surface, but one of the intercepts literally started right at surface.  The drill results were also significantly higher grade than we had in our model.  And several of the holes actually bottomed about 50 meters below where our model had the mineralization.  This means blocks that were modeled as ‘waste’ are now going to have gold in them.  So, Eric, we are seeing higher grade gold and we are seeing it deeper.  This just illustrates that there is a whole lot more to Dark Star and that entire corridor.

Our biggest drill hole prior to announcing those results yesterday was 125 meters.  What we hit yesterday was 237 meters of almost 3 grams per tonne oxide.  Within that there was 90 meters of roughly 5 grams. To see those results is truly spectacular and when you see them in the legendary Carlin Trend, you know you are on to something very big.  And we are very excited about drilling some new areas that are in the same host as Dark Star.  One of the areas we will be drilling is called Jasperoid Wash.  We announced our first holes there in mid-January and we hit 55 meters at surface.  This really reminds us of early days at Dark Star.  That area will receive a significant amount of our capital on the exploration side in 2018.

The prior high in Gold Standard Ventures was over $4 Canadian (high $3 US).  If we really get a move in the gold price, I believe shares of Gold Standard Ventures (symbol GSV) will surge to new all-time highs (currently trading at $1.85 in the US).  The reason for this, Eric, is because there is a shortage of high-quality district scale projects in safe jurisdictions with good economics where a mine can be in production for 20 or 30 years.  As I said, there are very few of those that are in safe jurisdictions and we firmly believe that Gold Standard Ventures is one of those.  That’s why I believe our share price is headed to all-time highs, especially as the price of gold surges above $1,400 – $1,500 and big money begins to flow back into the gold sector.”

King World News note:  There is no question that 2018  is going to be a very big year for the mining sector.  The high-quality mining stocks will outperform the rise in the price of gold by 5-7 times over the course of this bull market.  Just remember, it is extremely important to invest in high-quality companies in safe jurisdictions.

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