With the world on the edge of turmoil, here is an important look at crude oil and gold.

Crude Oil & Gold
May 22 (King World News) – What is happening in the crude oil market is stunning. Take a look at U.S. exports to China.

Massive Increase In U.S. Crude Oil Exports To China

Also, look at what is happening with global U.S. crude oil exports.

Total U.S. Global Crude Oil Exports Skyrocketing!

Regarding Gold…

Meanwhile, Gold Radically Undervalued As A Percent Of U.S. Monetary Base

Massive Oil Surge Will Turbocharge Inflation Pressures

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Massive Commodity Inflation In The Past Year:

Crude oil: +40%
Wheat: +21%
Cotton: +15%
Rice: +13%
Wool: +27%
Copper: +20%
Steel: +10%
Iron: +5%
Coal: +39%

As Western central banks continue to temporarily suppress

Gold: +3.5%
Silver: -2%

King World News note:  But the central bank suppression of gold and silver will not last. What is important right now is the ramp up in inflationary pressures that are still to come.  This is why interest rates are surging, along with oil and other commodities, which have ended a brutal bear market and begun a new bull market.  All of this will be extremely bullish for gold and silver prices medium- to long-term as well as the shares of the high-quality companies that mine the metals.

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