We are seeing global economic collapse and now more inflation is on the way.

February 27 (King World News) – Gregory Mannarino, writing for the Trends Journal:  The world economy is not just grinding to a halt, it’s essentially dead. With that, global debt is surging higher at its fastest pace on record. 

Is it any surprise to you that considering the current global economic freefall, we are currently seeing war develop rapidly? 

A Strange Paradox
With what appears as a world HYPER-saturated with debt, there is simply not enough debt to allow the system to function.

Yes, you read that correctly! THERE IS NOT ENOUGH DEBT. 

The central bank run debt-based system operates BY DESIGN in a perpetual deficit, therefore assuring that there will be uninterrupted INCREASING demand for more debt. (Debt is the single product of a central bank, and the more debt a central bank is called on to issue, or is allowed to issue, the stronger they become.) 

Expanding War Is a Symptom of System Illiquidity
No other endeavor on Earth generates a greater need for more borrowed dollars/inflating debt, than war. 

Understanding that the central bank-controlled debt-based system operates in a continuous state of deficit, therefore creating perpetual demand for more central bank issued debt, war is expanding. 

The fact is that right now, today, despite RECORD HIGH global debt, the entire system is on the cusp of locking up due to a liquidity crisis/debt crisis. New and more nightmarish situations must continuously be invented to allow MORE DEBT to be created, EXPONENTIALLY…

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Debt MUST continually rise just to maintain the current environment. Ever more and increasing debt must be created/added to the system simply to allow it to function at its current level… it cannot remain static.

As central banks continue to inflate/create ever increasing amounts of cash, inflation rises. 

Ponder this. When a central bank creates currency, how does that newly created cash attain its purchasing power? 

When a central bank creates currency, the newly created bills are not just magically worth something. 

Every single central bank issued note created, in order to attain purchasing power, must steal a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of purchasing power from every other existing bill to gain its own purchasing power. Therefore, the more cash a central bank creates, the more purchasing power of the currency overall is lost.

With a Debt-Based System, Inflation is Perpetual
Have you ever wondered why, say in the case of the Federal Reserve, they have a 2 percent “target on inflation?” It’s because the system MUST continuously and relentlessly inflate! And that is the Achilles Heel of ANY central bank.

You want to end central banking? All that needs to be done is prevent them from issuing A SINGLE dollar of more debt, and their entire debt-based system collapses.

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