Today one industry professional warned the US dollar is now in a waterfall decline as the price of gold nears its all-time high, plus one hell of a scary chart.

KWN audio interview with legend Pierre Lassonde has now been released!

Look Out Below
July 23 (
King World News)
James Turk: 
“Downtrend in US Dollar Index is accelerating into a waterfall decline. Is the US Treasury going to intervene and ‘save’ the dollar by buying back all the dollars the Fed Reserve is printing? Not likely. Own physical gold & silver to preserve your purchasing power. (See below).

Waterfall Decline In US Dollar Now Accelerating

One Hell Of A Scary Chart
Liz Ann Sonders, Chief Investment Strategist at Charles Schwab:  Perhaps an understatement to say that state and local governments are facing huge budget shortfalls this year (see below).

COVID Collapse Financially Devastating State And Local Governments

No Guarantee Metals Or Miners Will See Significant Pullback
Fred Hickey: 
“No guarantee there’ll be a significant pullback. Everything is in precious metals favor-negative real rates, slumping US dollar, massive budget deficits, unprecedented central bank money printing, COVID. However, there will be corrections and depending how big positions are not bad idea to build some cash.”

Legend Pierre Lassonde gave an an incredibly powerful interview to King World News discussing where the gold market, gold industry, and mining stocks are headed, and what he had to say will surprise a lot of people around the world. To find out why legend Pierre Lassonde says the upside on gold is unlimited and much more click here or on the image below.

Gold Surges To $1,900 As Expert Warns
Gold Surges To $1,900 Approaching All-Time High As Expert Warns Global Economic Collapse Will Not See A Recovery

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