As we kickoff trading in the second month of 2018, there is extreme danger ahead and despite today’s takedown, all roads lead to a higher gold price.

February 2 (King World News) – This email came from one of the global KWN readers (Kevin W.): Here is a great article with super charts that make it quite easy to see the Feds predicament. It’s one of the best analyses that even the new paradigm young gunslinging analysts can understand and should have the same conclusion regarding the US reserve currency and its seigniorage…

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I would add that the FED’s own book is quickly turning upside down as their assets decline in value with higher interest rates. There is however a simple way for the Fed to prevent their own balance sheet from reflecting negative equity and preventing excess reserves from falling faster than the reduction of the Fed’s balance sheet. And no additional QE is needed. The Treasury simply imposes a yield ceiling on its debt, officially capping rates. It’s already happened a number of times before, mostly during wartime, which of course, make no mistake, the US is in today.

Capping rates won’t save the dollar or prevent dumping of Treasuries by sovereigns who would run to the exit, but it might prevent a financial collapse and FED insolvency. The bottom line is all roads lead to higher to hyperinflation in US.


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